hhvm 3.17.1~jessie

Minor problem after upgrading to v3.17.1 – HHVM wouldn’t restart and I had the following error in /var/log/hhvm/error.log:

Failed to initialize central HHBC repository:\n Failed to initialize schema in /var/run/hhvm/hhvm.hhbc(rw-r--r-- www-data:www-data): RepoQuery::step(repo=0x7fa828525a00) error: 'CREATE TABLE main.FileMd5_68c9b831b56bea5d8c90f6fca5ea358cdaaea626(path TEXT, md5 BLOB, UNIQUE(path, md5));' --> (13) database or disk is full\n Failed to open /var/www/.hhvm.hhbc: 14 - unable to open database file\n

The disk definitely wasn’t full. Deleting the file /var/run/hhvm/hhvm.hhbc and restarting seemed to fix this problem. (Note: same problem/resolution from earlier).

HHVM using way more memory in v3.14

Since the 3.14 version of HHVM, I haven’t been able to run it at all – it would crash on load with a memory error (“Failed to mmap persistent RDS region”). This VPS has been running happily with only 512MB of RAM, but this latest update must’ve pushed it over the line.

I tried a bunch of things to tweak the memory usage but in the end simply couldn’t get it to load; I’ve simply added another 256MB of RAM and now it works fine.

Test reference site for WordPress running under HHVM on Binary Lane